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Subject: **herbies wanted request sequel**
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herb1e 18.06.12 - 09:29am
Spectrum (cole mix)- florence machine. au seve- julio bashmore. love through.. - banzai republic. out of time- blur. don't you know- place holder. agree to disagree- hackman, some1- keith / superbeatz. is this somebody- coat of arms, light up- yasmin n shy fx. snow drift love- becoming real. so you - kastle. city life- djt. eleven- sarahgoldfar6. djuma soundsystem- les djinn. good 4 me- above and beyond. wrong (mood to swing mix ) everything but the girl. edx - casa grande. fresh cold water - xelush. *

herb1e 18.06.12 - 01:37pm
cheers for part 1 of my extensive music requests. you a legend mrdavid (great name - that's my brothers name lol ). its cool to hear tunes on my phone as for a while they were just names listed during a put my phone to speaker thingy majig service . if you spot a remix or 12inch mix of any tunes i mention then i would love them too. im an ex dj who loves a bit o mixology and sometimes love a bit o scratching but not in itchy way :-@. this makes up for not being no glastonbury this year (some o mellower tunes i heard there). thank you again. that 80mix videos u got got some major permage hair dos lol drinks.GIF *

mrdavid 18.06.12 - 08:20pm
Your welcome buddy. Al upload these tracks soon for you! And yep al upload any remix's n 12 inch stuff i find. *

mrdavid 21.06.12 - 10:40am Above And Beyond - Good For Me


herb1e 21.06.12 - 11:47am
thanks David. her vocal in this song sublime. i gonna have to check who she is.. can you tell me if i have songs not compressed does that mean sound quality will be higher? i so used to my vinyl sounds (which are always better spectrum of sound). if true! then i rather the longer download option please. thanks the dude. i been watching big lebowski film lol *

mrdavid 21.06.12 - 12:57pm
Yes mate. If i post the songs in the topic they are much higher quality! Uploaded compressed files has less quality but still decent sound. I have sum still to compress once i have access to my Pc. But if i can post them i will. Just make sure u have a lot of memory as downloading loads of 9/10 mb files will soon eat into the memory! *

herb1e 21.06.12 - 01:16pm
actually i just realised that decent headphones actually makes compressed better. i just tried a friends dr dre 1s. and memory isn't in my favour so yeah i think i stick to 2mb (except for stay with me by prolific ) as that's a tune i been after for years n want it at highest quality possible. lol thanks for advice. *

mrdavid 21.06.12 - 01:30pm
the fatm maya jane coles mix wil be uploaded as am struggling to find a link buddy! *

mrdavid 21.06.12 - 01:48pm
is that Stay with me forever ft simone? *

herb1e 21.06.12 - 02:24pm
yeah mate. stay with me forever - lovely tune that. drinks.GIF *

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