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Subject: REQUESTS!
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mrdavid 5.06.14 - 12:39am
Sorry al get this on mp3 if u want it? shout.GIFwink2.GIF

pointyf 5.06.14 - 12:42am
yeah mp3 if u have it thanks *

mrdavid 5.06.14 - 03:21pm
yes al get that in, just having some uploading problems atm

mrdavid 14.06.14 - 01:05am
Sorted At Last Lol *

missmobi 6.07.14 - 06:09am
hey MR found that katyB CAN i pls av PILOMA FAITH @ only luv hurts like this MWAH & John legand @All of you MWAH
& an oldie HANG IN THERE BABY @ jerry not sure name mr THANKQ & Justin T new 1 not the 1 wiv M.J mwah dance5.GIF *

mrdavid 6.07.14 - 12:55pm
hello girl13.GIF john legend in *

pointyf 12.07.14 - 05:58pm
hi can you find me clock oh what a night please and thanks mate *

femcat38 17.07.14 - 05:05am
hug.GIF Hi :) Can you add Sheppard Geronimo & Pharrel Williams Happy. Thank-you :) hug.GIF *

femcat38 17.07.14 - 05:09am
Sorry just realized you already added Happy Roflmao thankyou hug.GIF If you could add geronimo that would be great. chairdance.GIF *

femcat38 17.07.14 - 05:24am
Also I have just had a request from my 5 year old for the Frozen movie soundtrack song Let it go If you could find this & upload it I would be very greatful so she stops nagging me Roflmao chairdance.GIF Thanks again :) hug.GIF *

mrdavid 18.07.14 - 12:24pm
Hiya, All your requests are now in my friend fire.GIF Enjoy *

femcat38 20.07.14 - 02:40am
Thank-you so much :) grouphug.GIF *

bbybear2 19.03.15 - 05:50pm
Hi mrdavid,may I please get K.O ft Nandi Mngoma- Skhanda Love and Maleh's You My Heart Go..thank you in advance.

mrdavid 19.03.15 - 07:28pm
Hello there, enjoy your song's! *

rainbowb 3.05.15 - 03:55am
Hiya just wondered if u could help me i'm lookin 4a track by john denver called perhaps love just lost my dad who died suddenly in hospital afta a fall neva got a chance2say goodbye or how much i loved him,this song was played at his funeral can u help pls ?missu.GIF *

mrdavid 3.05.15 - 04:47pm
Hello there, sorry to hear of your sad loss,i have uploaded a copy of the song into files, stay strong flowers.GIF *

adidev 31.05.15 - 04:30pm
hi gues have a new time for young genaration....good night everyone *

missmobi 10.07.15 - 10:32am
is my tune in N sxi-ass beg.GIF *

missmobi 11.07.15 - 06:46am
i cant find my request my eyees are started seeing 4 *

mrdavid 22.07.15 - 02:29pm
Sorry Mrs the servers are still down blink2.GIF still cant upload files. *

bbybear2 25.08.15 - 09:19pm
Sup Mr D,may I have Black Coffee ft Nakhane Toure-We Dance Again..Ta!


mrdavid 26.08.15 - 02:25pm
Wow this guy is good, awyeah.GIF unfortunately i can only find 32 sec previews of this track atm. i see it's a new tune so hopefully the full version will appear soon, meanwhile i will upload as much black coffee as possible over in mrd1. *

mrdavid 29.08.15 - 09:20pm
song now in first group *

ltslegz 31.01.16 - 08:55pm
Can you get Wounded bird by Charles and Eddie please *

mrdavid 1.02.16 - 07:51am your song is in files *

ltslegz 24.02.16 - 06:15pm
Hi can you get. It feels like home to me from the movie my sister's keeper please. Thanks *

mrdavid 25.02.16 - 02:50pm
hi, your track now in. *

ltslegz 25.03.16 - 09:48pm
Can you get Secret Love by Little Mix and Jason Derulo please. Can I just say thanks getting the other songs x *

mrdavid 27.03.16 - 11:52am
Hiya,your welcome x *

ltslegz 28.03.16 - 06:50pm
Please can you get Alan Walker Faded thanks x *

mrdavid 30.03.16 - 03:27am
Enjoy *

ltslegz 5.04.16 - 02:51pm
Any chance you could get Ellis goulding Army please x *

mrdavid 6.04.16 - 05:50am
sure x *

ltslegz 8.04.16 - 12:57am
Please could you get Shaun Mednes, Stitches. Menlo features Sara Lason. Thanks xx *

mrdavid 9.04.16 - 01:16pm
hiya, stitches now in, not sure if its 2 songs you want or 1? x *

ltslegz 12.04.16 - 10:06pm
Can you get the theme song in the movie Rise, Don't fall asleep please... Thanks again xx *

mrdavid 13.04.16 - 04:29pm
Hi, is it the movie Risen? *

ltslegz 18.04.16 - 09:30pm
Please could you get Charlie Puth One call away thank you xx *

mrdavid 21.04.16 - 08:21pm
2thumbsup.GIF *

daywker 3.11.16 - 05:27pm
hi. Can u upload some jimmy barnes please.. . Any u can get. :-) *

mrdavid 7.11.16 - 08:22pm
Hi there, good shout.. more coming soon mate rocker.GIF *

daywker 9.11.16 - 08:31pm
cheers mate. *

missmobi 18.02.22 - 07:28pm
begging.GIF are you taking REQUESTS ? Cheers *

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