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Subject: REQUESTS!
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mrdavid 28.10.10 - 03:59pm

212s3xy 6.12.10 - 05:54pm
I have a request... Kiss me through tha fone :D if u can Mr lol *

lyraluv 10.02.11 - 01:07pm
Hi any chance of some tge distillers, city of angels and others if poss. Also could you find me a full length version of football fans you'll never walk alone for my bf only found 30sec bursts so far. Thanks. X *

l1lxl3zx 10.02.11 - 10:34pm
could you pretty please put plan b newest alb*m on :) and maybe finch stay with me and letters to you :) x oh and the sash Haha *

mrdavid 10.02.11 - 10:51pm
the sash? eyepopping.GIF lol *

missevo 11.02.11 - 12:51am
Can you please find me rebecca ferguson version of make you feel my love? X *

mrdavid 11.02.11 - 10:44am
thats in the 1st group huni! Might b in easy listening. *

mrdavid 11.02.11 - 11:00am
l1lxl3zx: your tunes are in! Minus that old folk song nono.GIF lol *

mcrqueen 15.02.11 - 01:28am
Hi mrdavid u remember me? Cn u please get me the song all i want by a day to remember and save yourself i hold them back by my chemical romance thnks a lot! *

mrdavid 15.02.11 - 02:29am
Hey Clara wave.GIF course i do, welcome to Mrdavid2 and keep those requests coming lol! Both ur tunes now in members requests folder rocker.GIF *

l1lxl3zx 2.03.11 - 10:40pm
hey chic could you try and get the alb*m version of choke on this by senses fail x :) also any Travis barker on drums for low or solja boy x thx X X X *

wykked1 2.03.11 - 11:11pm
Hello MrDavid here's a good one... Lene Lovich, a punk new wave artist of stiff records late 70s early 80s... *

mrdavid 2.03.11 - 11:34pm
@ l1lxl3zx:Chic? punish.GIF lol do i look like a mrsdavid housewife.GIF al see what i can do mister! Heh. *

mrdavid 2.03.11 - 11:47pm Senses Fail-Choke On This Not sure if this is the Alb*m Version! If not let me know.wink.GIF *

mrdavid 3.03.11 - 12:05am
Wykked1:yup i've found a lot of his material bud! Making a topic in 1st group soon! *

cut3loz 4.03.11 - 08:17pm
David could you get olly murs this ones for the girls under 1mb :) x dont let me download the other one x *

mrdavid 4.03.11 - 09:05pm
Thats his Entire alb*m in files base m8,x *

l1lxl3zx 6.03.11 - 07:21pm
thanks chic awesomes as usual :) *

wykked1 8.03.11 - 05:20am
Hello I'm trying to find songs from tom petty's wildflower album. Thanks! *

mrdavid 8.03.11 - 06:36pm
Hi bud! I uploaded half into this group and half into topics section in 1st group.much bigger files in that one bro! Hope that helps. *

wykked1 16.03.11 - 04:42am
Hello again, I'd like to request version girl and many rivers to cross the ub40 versions pls thank you! *

mrdavid 16.03.11 - 05:01pm
Both tracks now in members requests folder bud! *

wykked1 16.03.11 - 08:21pm
Thank you! Also am looking for tracks by Bourbon Crow :) *

mrdavid 16.03.11 - 11:14pm
Sum tracks in! Same place egdance.GIF *

wykked1 18.03.11 - 03:16pm
Hello! This one may be a little more difficult. I'm looking for any tracks by Wednesday's other group Gunfire76 please...thank you! *

mrdavid 18.03.11 - 06:05pm
very difficult bro heat.GIF lol, some in 4 u! 1 or 2 not the best quality but their ok. *

mrdavid 18.03.11 - 07:34pm
2 vids there as well bud! *

mzsusie 31.03.11 - 02:18pm
can i have mediterrean duran duran full version plz hon x *

mzsusie 31.03.11 - 02:22pm
and also a diamond in the mind duran duran full mp3 x merci lol *

mzsusie 1.04.11 - 11:56am
wasnt full version tho x *

hanxxx 5.04.11 - 08:11pm
Could i have? feel the vibe by axwell, in my arms by mylo and love on my mind by freemasons? thankyooou x *

mrdavid 5.04.11 - 08:35pm Axwell - Feel The Vibe *

mrdavid 5.04.11 - 08:50pm Mylo - In My Arms *

wykked1 8.04.11 - 03:34am
Hello MrDavid may i pls request hard in the paint, original version by waka flocka flame? (for my son) and buena vista social club, any tracks for me? Thank you! *

mrdavid 8.04.11 - 04:18am
Not sure if this is the one u want bud Buena Vista - Social Club * 29.04.11 - 10:56am
Hey could i please have. chris brown, beautiful people. chase and status, mirrors. florence and machine, cosmic love. and bruno mars new one but im not sure what its called lol thanks x x *

mrdavid 29.04.11 - 04:46pm Chris Brown - Beautiful People Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love *

mrdavid 29.04.11 - 05:20pm
sorry i just realised u wanted them uploaded.the chase and status song, mirrors? Sure thats what its named? *

hanxxx 19.05.11 - 11:07am
Hey hun could I please have the theme song thing for city of angels x

mrdavid 19.05.11 - 04:43pm
Hey Hannah x its in latest uploads huni x *

hanxxx 19.05.11 - 11:54pm
Awwww thanx bbz x *

hanxxx 20.05.11 - 12:05am
Can I have da song for when nicolas cage etc are standing everywhere lol when meg ryan dies that song from city of angels xx

mrdavid 20.05.11 - 03:03am
Am Guessin This?,%20Sara%20-%20Angel.mp3 Sara McLachlan - Angel
MV5BMTIxMzk4Nzg0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzMzMzEyMQ@@._V1._SX100_SY136_.jpg * 21.05.11 - 09:36am
do u have the lucozade ad song... dj fresh, louder. please thanks xx *

mrdavid 21.05.11 - 04:13pm
Its in files. Members requests huni x * 21.05.11 - 08:23pm
Thanks. saves me dancin to lucozade ad lmao x *

mrdavid 21.05.11 - 10:57pm
Lol th_lucy-dancing.gif *

hanxxx 22.05.11 - 10:38pm
Hey cheeeky chops could I please have strong again by n dubz! Stay and raindrops feat stunt (full song) lol by sash please xx *

hanxxx 22.05.11 - 10:58pm
Hey again lol could I also have life is beautiful by vega 4 its from street dance x *

hanxxx 22.05.11 - 11:05pm
Also lol ya can shoot me lata by da way!! Tiny dancer (hold me closer) by ironik xx *

mrdavid 23.05.11 - 02:32am N-Dubz - Strong Again*isvrq6cl7A7iqermvWm03DY6VxBOPM/05SASHFeat.STUNTRaindropsEncoreUneFois*xtendedMix.mp3 Sash Ft Stunt - Raindrops Sash - Stay Vega 4 - Life Is Beautiful Ironik - Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)ENJOY CHIC x *

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